Sheep Predators
I put this page together to make breeders and other folks aware that even though your rams and ewes can run
fast, jump high and the rams have large horns they are still no match for predators. Your flock will run at the
sight of a predator leaving their lambs behind. The predators below are the most common. Some predators you
might be surprised about. Their pictures will be on here also.
Please if possible don't kill the wild life around you. Find other solutions to protecting your flocks.
The family pet is one of the worst predators you and your sheep will ever come in contact with. Dogs if left
running loose will pack up just like wolves and go on a killing spree. They will tear up things to get to our sheep,
dig under,climb,jump or tear down fences,pens and even buildings. They aren't killing to eat the animals because
they aren't hungry. Most of them are well fed pets. They kill for the sport of the chase. A lot of them just start out
playing. They don't only kill our sheep but any livestock if they are in numbers and big and strong enough. Worst
part of it all is sooner or later the dogs themselves get shot or trapped by flock owners. Some flock owners use
livestock protection dogs that live with their flocks. That stops some of the shooting of stray dogs and wild life but
if they get in the pasture there is still a chance someone's pet can get hurt in a fight. Anatolians have a controlled
bite. Unless challenged and forced rarely cause serious injury once the intruder gives up and will leave.  
The number one livestock predator in the U.S. is the Coyote. Never under estimate a hungry animal. Coyotes can
jump a 5 foot fence with a small lamb in it's mouth and be gone before you know it. Coyotes are very good at
climbing,digging and jumping 8 ft is no problem for them. They hunt during the day, at night, dusk to dawn.
Anytime they see the chance to grab a bite to eat. Coyotes will eat anything and that makes them superior
survivors. The trash cans you set out and thought it was the neighbor's pet down the street were turning them over
and scattering them could have been a coyote looking for food. Don't leave your pet food outside coyotes have
excellent since of smell. They eat bugs, grasshoppers, rodents, snakes, birds, chickens, sheep,cattle,deer and elk.
They are very sneaky and smart when it comes to hunting. They will draw one guardian dog off while another
coyote will sneak around back and snatch the prey. They are hard to shoot and trap. If there's any human smell
what so ever they will not touch the trap. You won't sneak up on a coyote they have keen eyesight and sharp
hearing. Coyotes will also attack and eat your pets. Cats and dogs. They also will crossbreed with dogs. That
hybrid is called a Coydog. One of the reasons why we have so many coyotes is their natural predators are no
longer in most areas. Which are the bear, wolf and cougar have been killed or moved out of most areas. Another
reason is growing cities and towns. Ranchers and farmers have learned how to control their livestock loses by
using livestock guardian dogs , llamas and donkeys. In order to use one of these guardians they must be accustom
to living with the livestock they will be in charge of or they can be as bad about killing the livestock they are in
charge of as a coyote.
Stress causes coyotes to go into season more often which produces more offspring and have them at a younger
age.  When they are killed and pushed out of their area that is stress to them.
6 to 10 pups a year! We now have millions of coyotes all over.
Bobcats will take the young lambs first
but if there isn't any lambs they will
attack the ewes. They prefer the smaller
prey. Lambs,chickens, and ducks. The
cat in the picture was trapped in a man's
goat pen and later released unharmed.  
Owls will snatch new
born lambs.
Buzzards usually don't kill
healthy lambs but will attack
new borns and a weak dying one.
Eagles can be found anywhere there is good fishing and plenty of
small game. They prefer plenty of trees and cliffs for nesting. They
will consider our small lambs as game if times get hard for them.
But if at all possible don't kill an Eagle they are a protected bird.
Cougar,Mountain Lion, Panther,Puma,
Felis Concolor meaning: Cat of one color
This cat's main diet is deer but will eat
sheep,goats,cows,and horses. Cougars
don't like human contact but they have
been known to attack humans. These cats
can weigh up to 200 lbs.
Some of these animals may not normally be in your
area but then you never know who has raised them in
captivity and turned them loose or they have escaped.
They could also be trying to find their own space in the
world and be passing through your world.
Please don't Blame them.
Where they Started Out
Where they Live Now
Picture above is an actual picture
of two coyote attacking a ewe.
Photos to the right were taken in an
office building court yard in
Portland Oregon. This is a female
coyote that comes around to snack
on the rabbits that play here once in
a while. An employee took these
pictures out her window at work.